Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need help with the creation of your app? Please read the instructions here. If you could not find a suitable answer, please contact us here.
Yes, you can create unlimited number of apps for free. Optional you can book the Pro-Plan (disable ads etc.) for low costs.
We will always use the first image in the article as preview image - practically, or?
To refresh your screenshot in our own app store, please choose the correspond function in the user area.
Inside the content editor you can add texts, tables, images etc. Some other contents are maybe not supported. If you want to be more flexible, please use a mobile site (HTML5 app) as source!
You don't need to download your app twice. Changes are done on the fly. We are using an internal caching system. That is why some changes are taking some minutes until all users of your app will get it.
You can choose between diferrent styles (even more in the Pro-Plan). But if you want to have a more custom layout, you can create your own mobile page (e.g. nativeDroid) and use it as source here. So you're more flexible ;)
Yes, if you choose the Pro-Plan for your app. You can insert your own AdMob or AdWol ID in the user area. With AdMob you can also insert InHouse campaigns.

Requirements: App must be created after 7th of Jun 2014.
No, the content will be loaded every start. That's why you can edit your app on the fly!

Yes, with the Pro-Plan you can choose the template "Lollipop".
Additionally the the status bar will have the correspond color (Android > 5).

If you choose other themes or your own mobile website as source, you can choose the status bar color freely (Pro-Plan required).

Requirements: The app must be created after 6th Jul 2015.
We are specialized in the creation of Android Apps (and those apps are not compatible with iOS or the iTunes store).

Addtionally you can publish iOS apps only in the Apple store.

It is recommended to proramm apps for iOS manually. For more information you can contact us.

Finally Android is the leader (if you compare it with other mobile systems):
Infografik: Android festigt Vorherrschaft im Mobile Web  | Statista
More statistics on Statista

Hint: Publish your app (only Pro-Plan) also on Amazon Apps, Google Play and AndroidHIT.
Yes, this is possible for apps created after 7th aug 2015 (Pro-Plan only):
You can use a website (WebView element) where users can upload files. This function is activated in our apps.

Attention: Google removed this function partially in subversions of Android 4.4 (Info). But this problem is resolved in later Android versions. So the most users should be able to upload files in your app.
Please contact us for individual options!